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a month ago

Had my first appointment with Toni yesterday and it was amazing. The room had such a calming and relaxing feel to it. Toni was able to go through the whole process with me and answered any questions I had putting my mind at ease. Would recommend to anyone who is thinking of trying Reiki to book themselves up with Toni! Thank you so much will definitely be back for more treatments ❤️

a month ago

Finally had my first reiki session today with Toni. Not only is she very knowledgeable and reassuring, she also doesn't create any expectations in terms of what you may or may not experience which allows for a very relaxing session. A natural cynic, I was genuinely surprised by the experience and would certainly recommend a session. Thanks Toni.

Tina Hicklin
4 months ago

Had my first Reiki session with Toni today! I must say she made me feel at ease and explained everything to me. Was very encouraging and comforting, I definitely feel much better and lighter. I smiled all the way home and feel more confident in myself! Thank you Toni Fletcher-Jennings , I will definitely be booking again! Highly recommend.

Georgina Chapman
5 months ago

I went to see Toni today for my first Reiki session. All I can say is wow. It really was amazing. Toni is the most professional, caring and lovely person. I have to admit I was quite apprehensive and nervous but it was so powerful. It brought emotions out, I felt the energy move down my body and it really has made me feel so much better. More positive, like a weight has been lifted and everything feels a lot clearer. I honestly never imagined I would benefit so much from this.
Toni explained everything so well and it was in no way rushed. I just thought it was an amazing experience.
To any people wondering whether to try it, please try it. You will be amazed. I feel so much more peaceful now too.
Thank you so much Toni. xxx

Sarah j
5 months ago

I first received advice and guidance about crystals from Toni, she is knowledgeable, passionate and and inspiring. I recently had an intuitive guidance session where she also used crystals with amazing effect. I felt supported and at ease, the messages I received were spot on and have given me the nudge I needed to refocus on what I know I need to do, but had lost momentum with. Much gratitude for shining your light Toni, I highly recommend working with you 🙏✨

Daniella Smith
5 months ago

Toni is incredibly skilled both at reiki and at giving spot on intuitive messages. During my reiki session we work online doing a distance healing. It felt as though she was right there moving the stagnant energy and helping to clear the blocks in me. I felt warm and safe the entire time and afterwards she gave me some important messages for each chakra she worked on. She was always grateful to work with me, an understanding listener and clearly explained the process as it was new to me. Her intuitive messages were brilliant using guided crystals to give me messages that made complete sense to where I was in my journey. She even gave me clear and simple action steps to take to move forward. Beautiful healing space, powerful messages and as always gratitude for the whole experience.

Nicola thompson
9 months ago

After 1 session, I am feeling great and was very optimistic about the whole thing. 2 days have passed and I'm still feeling at peace within, which is hard to explain. Reki has won me over and will certainly be coming back for further sessions

Pam mann
10 months ago

Toni teaches my son . Highly recommended as i have never come across someone so amazing,talented,skilled and patient . No task is difficult and the methods of explaining are absolutely fabulous. I don't think toni knew how challenging it would be and I can honestly say she has done a great job in a matter of weeks. My boy looks forward to his sessions and always comes back with stories. Thank you for your hard work and I can say your the best tutor/teacher I have ever met .

10 months ago

I came into reiki knowing very little. Toni was lovely and answered every question I had, and just made me feel at ease! Always had an interest in reiki, however I was skeptical of it working at first. I need not have worried because whatever toni did with my energy really worked for me! I can't explain what I experienced into actual words, but if you're looking for a friendly person who will help you achieve whatever goal you're looking for, then definitely try Toni.

Rylie Millward
11 months ago

There's no words to describe my Reiki experience! I went in not knowing much about it. Toni was fantastic and really put me to ease.

You can't explain the feelings while it's happening as there are no words for it. It was an amazing experience, and I found out so much. I even found that my spiritual animal is a sting ray ~ I explained to Toni what I had seen and this is how we found out! It was amazing.

I've googled Sting Ray spiritual animal, and here's a few things that relate to me!

• You have a genuinely good heart.
• You are more interested in people and building relationships.
• You aim for wealth and success in your life.
• You have a rebellious streak in you.
• You can also be quite elusive and sullen.

Seriously recommend it!
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