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5 months ago

This was my first experience with Reiki and I was very apprehensive and somewhat doubtful that this would help me but I had been recommended to Toni through a very close friend and I trust her judgement and recommendations. I can honestly say hand on heart this was one of the best experiences in my life. Toni not only made me feel comfortable and relaxed but it felt like I had found a member of my soul tribe. Toni is no ordinary being, gifted comes to mind and I feel honoured to have had our paths cross as the universe confirmed everything I needed to know at that current time and event. As my friend recommended her to me I have recommended Toni to my loved ones as I feel they would benefit from her services as I have.

I will be returning for her services and a big thank you.

5 months ago

Toni and Her calming presence made the atmosphere serene, and I felt remarkably relaxed throughout. What stood out was her unhurried approach; she took the time to address any questions I had, showing genuine interest. After the session, I felt noticeably lighter and more at ease, which left a lasting impression. It's clear that Toni has a unique ability to make clients feel amazing. Toni's reiki sessions played a significant role in my personal journey. When I felt lost, her expertise helped realign my energies, bringing a sense of balance and clarity. The impact was profound, and I gained a renewed perspective. Toni's remarkable skills in reiki deserve recognition, as she possesses a unique ability to guide individuals towards a state of well-being. Her contributions to the world of holistic healing are truly commendable, and she should undoubtedly be known to a wider audience for the positive impact she makes on people's lives.

Daniella Smith
5 months ago

Each shamanic session I have had with Toni has been a wonderfully transformative experience with great support along the way. She listens with care to what I’m experiencing and creates the perfect intention or healing that is needed for me at that time to help me on my path.

Toni sets a beautiful, safe and powerful space and always is clear on answering any of my questions. I know that when I do a shamanic session with Toni that I am taken care of both ethically, professionally with care at the end to help me with my integration. I highly recommend a shamanic session with Toni if you are looking to make progress on your path!

Sarah G
10 months ago

I had a wonderful reiki session here.
Toni who performed the reiki was brilliant. I came away feeling really calm and balanced and still feel the same a few days after having it done. I would recommend having reiki here to anyone.

Sarah J
a year ago

I first had a wonderful intuitive guidance with Toni, she confirmed things I know I should be doing, but had become a bit stuck in a rut. I'd taken on too much in areas of my life I didn't want to focus and therefore too busy to focus on the things that are important to me. She respectfully made me face the fact I needed to change the way I was doing things and suggested some ways of doing this.

But then several things happened that left me feeling burned out and I couldn't pull myself out of the funk it left me in. I had a distance reiki treatment with Toni which was amazing, I went on a deep visual journey and was shown many things. At the same time, I could feel the reiki energy working its magic.
I instantly felt lighter, a shift, something lift and more positive. I knew I needed some time to let some stuff ripple up, other stuff release, and further stuff settle. There was a lot to reflect on and it will take time for me to implement some changes and learn some new skills but I'm in a better space mentally and physically. Several weeks on I have more energy and my focus is shifting to where it needs to be. I am making decisions, commitments and time for the things that matter.

Toni is genuinely caring and supportive, encouraging and interested in her clients. She gave me the time and space needed and still checks in on me. I am appreciative of her support and guidance and very grateful for the reiki and advice I have received. I recommend Toni for both intuitive guidance and reiki, she is a light in this world and her healing is gentle yet powerful 🙏✨

a year ago

Had my first appointment with Toni yesterday and it was amazing. The room had such a calming and relaxing feel to it. Toni was able to go through the whole process with me and answered any questions I had putting my mind at ease. Would recommend to anyone who is thinking of trying Reiki to book themselves up with Toni! Thank you so much will definitely be back for more treatments ❤️

a year ago

Finally had my first reiki session today with Toni. Not only is she very knowledgeable and reassuring, she also doesn't create any expectations in terms of what you may or may not experience which allows for a very relaxing session. A natural cynic, I was genuinely surprised by the experience and would certainly recommend a session. Thanks Toni.

Tina Hicklin
a year ago

Had my first Reiki session with Toni today! I must say she made me feel at ease and explained everything to me. Was very encouraging and comforting, I definitely feel much better and lighter. I smiled all the way home and feel more confident in myself! Thank you Toni Fletcher-Jennings , I will definitely be booking again! Highly recommend.

Georgina Chapman
a year ago

I went to see Toni today for my first Reiki session. All I can say is wow. It really was amazing. Toni is the most professional, caring and lovely person. I have to admit I was quite apprehensive and nervous but it was so powerful. It brought emotions out, I felt the energy move down my body and it really has made me feel so much better. More positive, like a weight has been lifted and everything feels a lot clearer. I honestly never imagined I would benefit so much from this.
Toni explained everything so well and it was in no way rushed. I just thought it was an amazing experience.
To any people wondering whether to try it, please try it. You will be amazed. I feel so much more peaceful now too.
Thank you so much Toni. xxx

Sarah j
a year ago

I first received advice and guidance about crystals from Toni, she is knowledgeable, passionate and and inspiring. I recently had an intuitive guidance session where she also used crystals with amazing effect. I felt supported and at ease, the messages I received were spot on and have given me the nudge I needed to refocus on what I know I need to do, but had lost momentum with. Much gratitude for shining your light Toni, I highly recommend working with you 🙏✨