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Nicola thompson
3 months ago

After 1 session, I am feeling great and was very optimistic about the whole thing. 2 days have passed and I'm still feeling at peace within, which is hard to explain. Reki has won me over and will certainly be coming back for further sessions

Pam mann
4 months ago

Toni teaches my son . Highly recommended as i have never come across someone so amazing,talented,skilled and patient . No task is difficult and the methods of explaining are absolutely fabulous. I don't think toni knew how challenging it would be and I can honestly say she has done a great job in a matter of weeks. My boy looks forward to his sessions and always comes back with stories. Thank you for your hard work and I can say your the best tutor/teacher I have ever met .

4 months ago

I came into reiki knowing very little. Toni was lovely and answered every question I had, and just made me feel at ease! Always had an interest in reiki, however I was skeptical of it working at first. I need not have worried because whatever toni did with my energy really worked for me! I can't explain what I experienced into actual words, but if you're looking for a friendly person who will help you achieve whatever goal you're looking for, then definitely try Toni.

Rylie Millward
4 months ago

There's no words to describe my Reiki experience! I went in not knowing much about it. Toni was fantastic and really put me to ease.

You can't explain the feelings while it's happening as there are no words for it. It was an amazing experience, and I found out so much. I even found that my spiritual animal is a sting ray ~ I explained to Toni what I had seen and this is how we found out! It was amazing.

I've googled Sting Ray spiritual animal, and here's a few things that relate to me!

• You have a genuinely good heart.
• You are more interested in people and building relationships.
• You aim for wealth and success in your life.
• You have a rebellious streak in you.
• You can also be quite elusive and sullen.

Seriously recommend it!
The Tycho Retreat Community Group

5 months ago

My first reiki experience was fantastic! I felt very much at ease and felt it having a positive impact on me. I will definitely try this again.

Lydia Slimm
5 months ago

Amazing, helped me a lot. Would definitely recommend.

5 months ago

So I’ve had a couple of reiki sessions with Toni and think it may be helpful to share my experience… particularly if you’re undecided or have been thinking about trying a session but haven’t taken the plunge yet… that was me! Firstly - Toni is fab and puts you right at ease, she is passionate about what she does and explains everything before the session starts. My session helped me feel relaxed and for the first time (in a long time) left me feeling ‘lighter’ and I really felt energised, focused and calm. I really see these sessions as an investment in myself for real self care. And I can’t wait for my next session. Thank you Toni

5 months ago

Toni tutors our son for maths. She is brilliant! Patient, engaging, fun. He's come on in leaps and bounds, and is steadily improving. She knows just how to motivate him, and to get the best out of him. He really looks forward to her lessons and has made maths fun and relatable to the real world. What more could we ask for?

5 months ago

When I encountered an issue with my right shoulder locking up, I decided to book a session with Toni. I could not lift my arm any more than 60 degrees from my side. I couldn't shower or dress without help. I was having trouble sleeping due to pain. I had two sessions with a massage therapist and a couple with a Physical Therapist and I was desperate for anything that might help me. I didn't know much about Reiki and this was literally my very first session ever. And mind you, first time ever and this was long distance - I'm in the USA and she's in the UK.
During the session, I laid upon my bed and could feel her energy. I felt twitches in my body and an express desire to move my shoulder in question. I made very gentle slow movements, raising my arm into the air and allowing it to fall gently back to my side - I did not even realize how significant it was that I was able to do that at the time!!
After the session, I tested my arm - fearfully, as moving it would cause tears to flow. I'd been unable to use it for three weeks. My arm lifted to an amazing 150 degrees from my side! I was not in pain as all I felt was the stretch of unused muscles. I gained 90 degrees of range of motion in 40 minutes.
The next day I went to my next physical therapy appointment and he asked me "What did you do?" I said "Have you heard of Reiki?" HAHA. He was in shock.
Toni has a gift. There is no other explanation as to why she was able to heal my shoulder from thousands of miles away when professional massage and physical therapies would have taken months to gain the same result.
Thank you Toni. You've blessed me.

Jo Corcoran
5 months ago

My 8 year old Son has been having Coding lessons with Toni for a couple of months now and he’s really enjoying it. He is Autistic with ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder. Toni understands his needs very well and adapts her lesson plans accordingly. She is friendly and approachable but manages to keep him on task whilst accommodating when he needs to take a movement break. As previously mentioned, she is the perfect accompaniment to our Home Education philosophy. I aim to be adding maths too at some point in the future. Thank you Toni!