The Tycho Retreat was created to support the mental health and wellbeing of all.

The business name comes from the beautiful Tycho crater on the moon which was caused by a meteor collision. That traumatic impact on the moon created stunning mountain shards, which are lit up by the sun’s rays and can be seen from Earth. To me Tycho means rebirth after a bad experience and a retreat is a special place to chill and heal.

Through the spiritual healing and emotional wellbeing support, I will help individuals to heal and teach the skills needed to transform stresses into strengths. I provide a safe, confidential and supportive space for people to explore their trauma and rebuild self-confidence and resilience.

Hi, I'm Toni,

During my 18 years as a Primary Teacher in mainstream schools, I made it my priority to create an environment where the young people felt comfortable, confident, and happy. I formed relationships where children could share their worries with me, and ultimately this allowed them to enjoy the process of learning, so that they could manage challenges, and grow into rounded young people.

I founded The Tycho Retreat to continue this work, now for everyone. I have had my own struggles with my physical and mental health and have found alternative healing has helped me on my personal journey.

As a Certified Reiki and Crystal Reiki Master Practitioner, and with qualifications in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Mindful Mental Health, I am passionate about the uses of alternative healing.